X-Rite Color Checker ©2016 In-Depth Media Productions

In Product Photography one of the most important things to consider is accurate color reproduction. You need to make sure if you are working for John Deer, the green you capture on-set is John Deer Green.

One of the ways we make sure we achieve accurate colors at In-Depth Media Productions is with the use of a tool called the X-Rite Color Checker. This tool allows us to create a custom profile for our camera, so the profile calibrates the camera. Then each time we start a product photography session we include a frame with the X-Rite in the shot. So that when we bring the images into post we can reference that chart against the profile to ensure accurate color reproduction. 

The X-Rite Color Checker is one of the many tools we use to gain professional results for our Clients.

For more information on tools from X-Rite check out their website at xritephoto.com